Work In A Noisy Office? Here Are 5 Soundbreaking Solutions To Help You


At Waghorne Workplace Design we believe a totally modern office should embrace acoustic soundproofing technology. Noise in an office can irritate, destroy speech intelligibility and heighten stress levels. It can also transgress confidentiality of information and destroy hopes of finding one’s inner space within the corporate world.  

The latest research has shown that soundproofing an office leads to a more productive and happier workforce. Office Managers and company owners today are given multiple acoustic solutions in their space planning for a more comfortable and private office.


1. The Walls

Acoustical wall panels come in thousands of shapes and colours to suit moods and enhance the company brand. They reduce reverberation and echo by absorbing most of the sound waves that hit them. Employees need to make sense of conversations among themselves or with clients and suppliers on the phone: the fabric-wrapped panels prevent sound waves from bouncing around the room and therefore sound attenuation makes their tasks easier. In open space offices where there is no privacy this seems to be the ideal solution as staff can focus on their work without being distracted as well as work as a team. The workplace designer can specify what partitions can be soundproofed. Sound barriers (or noise barriers) installed in walls are another solution: resilient isolating clips for example create space between wall components.


2. The Ceiling and The Floor

One of the most interesting acoustic solutions emerging on the scene in recent years has been the acoustic ceiling tile. Tiles are available in foam, fabric wrap, metal or wood. Another popular solution is the acoustic curtain which takes the line of the partition up through the ceiling as partitions are seldom taken to the ceiling soffit. This proves to be efficient in videoconferencing suites or meeting rooms. In the case of floors, thick carpeting will reduce the noise level and soundproof your room.


3. Solutions for The Door

It is not a good sign if there are air gaps around the door, between the bottom of the door and the floor and around the door jamb. In this case the workplace designer will come up with the idea of a door seal. Acoustic doors and door seals are all the rage in modern offices.

4. White Noise

Another well-loved revolutionary solution to stop listeners eavesdropping on private conversations is the white noise machine which recreates a faint humming noise where potential listeners are seated so as to make the information next door incoherent and unintelligible. It is moreover important to reduce the number of hard or reflective surfaces that can create reverberation and background noise.

5. Busy and Happy

The office designer working as an acoustic consultant will come up with different types of acoustic solutions and office design to suit budgets, tastes and preferences. People are happier at work when they can speak to each other or on the phones to clients without noise interference, and when the privacy of information is protected within the workspace. They feel better when the noise level is low and they can have their own quiet zone to work. They can work at a faster pace and are generally more content. High quality, high performance soundproofing or room acoustics is a science which requires careful planning and thought.

If you are thinking about improving your noise reduction using these soundproofing ideas please contact us with a brief description of what you require.  We are always keen to receive your ideas, questions and comments in the box below.

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