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Are You Sit-Standing Comfortably?


As the world of workplace design continues to change the importance of comfort within the office environment has increased dramatically.  The office space is where people have to live for 7-8 hours a day and it is vital that they sit and move around as effortlessly as possible.  A whole revolution in office product design is taking place and the healthy office is now the latest trend for the foreseeable future. 

Health Benefits

American research has highlighted and confirmed the health benefits and importance of good seating and desk arrangements.  Bad posture gives rise to back ache, neck strain, shoulder problems among others.  It has also been found out that when people remain seated more than 7 hours a day they are more prone to Type 2 diabetes and wrist problems.  Sitting for long hours is thought to slow the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat.  It is thus essential for the business owner or Manager to look for alternatives to traditional seating patterns to ensure that their staff members stay healthier and safe.

The Sit-Stand Desk

It is inevitable that a revolutionary concept of a sit-stand desk has emerged, alongside the concept of adjustable seats.  Forcing the body to be static on a static chair and at a static desk is unnatural and unhealthy to the human body.  Breaking up sitting time engages one’s muscles and bones and gives all one’s bodily functions a boost.  Business owners and managers should make it compulsory for staff to move at least 2 hours during the working day.  Standing is a more natural position to work and the rise of the sit-stand desk answers this ultimate challenge.  This desk is adjustable and can be either electric or manual.  It is height adjustable and can therefore be raised to a person’s preferred height.  The person has the option to sit or stand at any point during his / her working day.  This practically eliminates many of the health issues associated with static desks in an office.


Ergonomic Chairs

Alongside the sit-stand desk recent times have seen the emergence of ergonomic chairs which provide lumbar support and make life much more comfortable.  The lumbar support, armrests and seat heights all adjust to the user.  Such seating is undeniably more expensive than the average chair.  However cheap seating offers bad Return on Investment as the health issues encountered by staff members will lead to a decrease in productivity and a rise in absenteeism and will foster depression and a general state of unhappiness among workers.  Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are a common cause of lost or restricted work time. So companies that offer a higher quality chair as standard office equipment will by default entice and retain staff members longer.  Even if a chair costs £300 the positives will outweigh the negative return on cost as the staff member will be more comfortable.


Making People Happy at Work

The big underlying concept behind ergonomic furniture is that of making people more comfortable, happier and healthier during their working hours in the office.  Happier and healthier people means more productivity Fact.   Companies should without doubt invest more money into their furniture.  It is important to balance comfort, function and aesthetics.  The accent being on the Healthy Office, more should be invested into healthy office products such as LED lighting, a good lighting plan in general, healthy carpeting, air quality and drinking plenty of water, green recyclable products in general.  Better quality is equivalent to cost-efficiency.

Cultural Exchange

A compelling idea about workplace design is that of allowing people to move desks and sit near a different colleague each time.  This activity promotes more cultural exchange and allows each employee to know more about the work of other co-workers.  This encourages respect and appreciation and boosts the team spirit and in turn boosts productivity  Comfort once again should be the keyword in all these exchanges.


Peace of Mind

It is imperative that the employee’s workspace evolves with him/her, his/her work and his/her body.  In feeling less stressed and anxious about the working day the person will blossom at work and embrace peace of mind.  The ergonomic furniture trend is hopefully ushering in a new era of responsible workplace design and as such deserves a lot of thought and planning.  Comfort is key for an ergonomically efficient workplace.

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