As an advocate of Wellbeing in the Office, Waghorne Workplace Design brings you the latest in office furniture trends and product solutions at work for your Russell Square office.

Wellbeing is all about choices, movement and activities to achieve physical vitality, mental alertness, social satisfaction and personal fulfilment, helping you to focus on work productivity. If given the chance we love to create a perfect environment for you to work in: offices no longer have to be dull. So if you require a chillout or breakout area for relaxation or close work collaboration in your Russell Square office we can advise you. Our mission is to make your work life more human, bringing you nature indoors. In 2019 stuffiness and boring corporate life are no longer trendy. We believe in funky and fun and healthy is the new cool.

The gallery below showcases some of our wellbeing office products we promote. But we are always excited to talk to you about other products solutions! Please call us on: 01903 787240 for a quick chat or fill in the form below to engage us.


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